The New York Dark Side Horror Group

Attention horror movie lovers, aficionados, and maniacs! We wanted to take this opportunity to formally introduce our New York members to our friends over at The Dark Side Horror Group. We’ve worked with them before (Cinemit & FilmBuff Present Savage County) and know personally that they do a great job connecting their members with all things horror – including blockbuster movies, art gallery shows, Sunday matinee screenings, and Dark Side socials. If you love horror, this is your chance to become a faithful minion of the Dark Side where you can meet other horror lovers, share your passions, express your opinions and have a killer (pun intended) time while doing it. What makes The Dark Side Horror Group different from other groups is the original events you will only get as a member. They don’t just go to events, they make them!

As they say, “born from the ashes and earth’s blood rises a new and unique horror meetup group in New York.” Check out The Dark Side Horror Group’s website and Facebook page now, and if you love horror as much as they do, join up!