Signs You’re Not In Love Love Singles

Being single is a “terrible” pressure for some people.

Those who are afraid of being single will be compelled to immediately find a partner, especially with the fact that their peers are already married.

Such people usually date someone they don’t really get along with, simply because they are afraid of being lonely. The following are signs that indicate someone is in a relationship because they are reluctant to be single.

Check if you are one of them?

  1. Don’t really know who our partner is. Get information, inspiration and insight in your email. Register an email After a few dates with someone, we know what the job is, including the activities that person likes.

However, that is all we know. We haven’t delved deeper into his personality, or his views on anything. The point is, we don’t really know who our partner is. If that’s the case, it could be that you haven’t found the right person, or aren’t very interested in your partner.

  1. Always forgive your partner’s bad deeds If we always forgive your partner’s bad deeds, even when he vilifies our best friend, ask whether we really love him or not. Don’t try to keep your partner just because your “relationship” status is better than being single.
  2. Relationships feel shallow If your relationship with him feels bland, chances are the relationship is a shallow relationship. Deep love will never be like that.
  3. Relationships seem forced In some cases, there comes a point where a relationship is difficult to maintain, and that’s normal. What’s a problem is when every little thing in the relationship seems forced, and we struggle to deal with it. Well, if your partner has never struggled with problems in the relationship, realize that he doesn’t really love you.
  4. Feeling panicked because alone In times of panic, a person can take actions that are practically unreasonable. In a love relationship, this panic can be seen from the way we keep someone who is not good for us, because we think that that person is the only person we can get.
  5. Don’t know what you have in common with him Have your parents or friends asked what we have in common with your partner and we have trouble answering? If the answer is yes, ask yourself why we are in this relationship.
  6. Awkward partner In general, this is a sign where we do not feel anything when with a partner. One fact that must be realized when we are awkward passing moments with a partner, he is not the right person for us.
  7. Only love him at a certain point This is another sign that confirms that we do not really like your partner.
  8. Hiding our true personality Two lovebirds who are in a relationship based on love will show each other another side of themselves, whether it’s an attitude, behavior, or hobby that they have never shown before. Well, if we hide our personality, hobbies, or views on something from our partner, the conclusion is only one: we are not in love. We’re just trying to turn ourselves into someone our partners want us to be.
  9. Enjoy showing off your partner to friends If this is something we most want, rethink the meaning of your relationship with him. Having a partner just to show off to friends or bestirs is not a sign of love.
  10. Force a conversation People who are truly in love don’t need to force a conversation or make up a topic to attract a partner’s heart.
  11. Panic when alone Feeling panicked when alone is another sign that shows we are not experiencing what is called falling in love.
  12. Assuming your partner is only temporary. Stop tricking yourself. If we date someone only until we find someone better than him, it’s definitely not love. We take advantage of that person until someone else is right to take his place.
  13. Trying to change your partner If you can’t accept your partner for who they are, break the relationship. Don’t try to turn your partner into the person you want them to be.
  14. Always have to convince others about him No need to convince relatives or relatives that the opposite sex we are dating is our soul mate, if the fact is not so. Try to find the right person instead of connecting with someone you don’t necessarily love.